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Discord — это приложение для чата.

Slack and Discord are both amazing communication and collaboration tools for teams. They are specifically engineered for different audiences, however, the striking similarities in the features offered indicate that both platforms would suffice in more use cases than generally intended. Hence, it is mostly a thing of preference in cases where both platforms meet the requirements of the individual. Further Reading. Find more information on this topic via the following links: Slack vs Discord — Which one is Better? Discord — это приложение для чата, похожее на такие программы как Skype или TeamSpeak, или на профессиональные платформы, такие как Slack . Он в большей степени предназначен для игроков, предоставляя им возможность находить друг друга и разговаривать во время игры. Он поддерживает видеозвонки, голосовой чат и текстовые сообщения, позволяя пользователям связываться удобным способом. In a nutshell, Discord and Slack are very much alike. Both are chat software with a similar interface where team communication is organized into channels. The biggest difference is their target audience and therefore, the focus on the specific set of features. Here’s how the tools position themselves: Slack ’s primary focus is on business sector while Discord is designed for gamers from head to toe. However, this doesn’t prevent gamers to hang out in Slack . Both Discord and Slack and many others use a common framework called Electron: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_(software_framework). 0. Farkas. … If Discord want, they can really give Slack a run for it’s money. What they need to do is to make a option when you make an account whether you want a Gaming interface or a Business interface. The business interface can be striped for some of the gaming features, and the gaming interface can keep all of the features.

Сравнение сервиса Slack и Discord по возможностям.

Slack isn’t designed for large online communities, especially in the crypto world. We had over 8000 users in our Sia Slack team, but were running into serious limitations — lots of spam, no… … We made the successful switch from Slack to Discord in mid-August and currently have over 5300 engaged users. Our goal is to have all other crypto communities switch over to Discord — that’s why we created this guide! Let us know if you have any questions. You can find us at https:// discord .gg/sia. Step 1: Communicate Effectively. Сравнение сервиса Slack и Discord по возможностям, функциональности, свойствам, комментариям, скриншотам, рейтингам. … Сравнение сервисов Slack и Discord . Slack Есть бесплатный тариф. от Slack Technologies, Inc. (7 отзывов). Официальный сайт. Онлайн-сервис для командной коммуникации с мгновенным поиском и мощной системой интеграции с иными платформами. Мессенджеры. Discord Есть бесплатный тариф. от Discord Inc. (1 отзыв). Официальный сайт. Discord ’s service is free. Only with the paid plan does Slack allow you to have messages that last forever, more security controls, and larger admin controls. Discord has all of these and is still free. As of March 2018, Slack has 1,000+ employees, and Discord has 108 employees as of May 2018. Discord has 250M unique users as of March 2019. Slack is still losing money at 140M a year, and nobody is quite sure how. Discord ’s servers can hold a lot of people, the most being Fortnite’s server of 180k members.

Discord and Slack have a lot in common—especially on the surface.

Discord and Slack have a lot in common—especially on the surface. But when you peel back the layers, you can see that each platform is tailored to specific use cases. We’re comparing Slack and Discord on four main criteria. Click on any of the sections below, or jump to our comparison table for a summary. Price. Slack and Discord are not just Instant Messaging options, they’re platforms that integrate several layers for group usability. Slack . Quick Links. Slack . … Slack is widely popular with businesses, journalists, and other team-based users. Those looking for a method of communicating with their teams while also being able to share files, images, and other media should look into Slack . Send messages to Slack using Discord and vice versa. BSD-3-Clause License. 25 stars. … discord 2 slack (now unmaintained). You should take a look at 42wim/matterbridge instead. If you still want to use this project, feel free to do so, but I don’t intend to continue development on this. Thanks for your interest! Send messages to Slack using Discord and vice versa. Tested with Node v9.9.0. Install. Discord and Slack both have come up with advanced search filters. Slack doesn’t offer the feature of screen sharing in the free version, whereas real-time screen sharing is present for free and paid versions of Discord . Discord allows unlimited integrations. Slack limits to 10 integrations in the free plan and about 800 integrations in paid plans. Both applications provide exceptional help and support services. The Discord ’s group video calling allows adding friends who are all there in the contacts list. 2. Slack vs Discord : Simple-to-Use.

Наиболее популярными стали Zoom.

Discord против Slack.

Slack концепцию структурных чатов качественно переложил на бизнес-сегмент, а Discord , верный потребностям геймерской тусовки, слил воедино чат и голос в единый продукт, который уже давно набрал миллионную аудиторию и продолжает активно расти. Какой прилив ностальгии я ощутил, когда его попробовал! Сейчас, воспользовавшись периодом глобальных коммуникационных потрясений, мы в Rocketslides за… Discord против Slack . Discord теперь используют не только геймеры. Это произошло органически — по мере роста тематических сообществ. Многие считают Discord пригодным и для делового общения, что ставит под угрозу многие уже используемые в деловой среде решения. … Через Slack еженедельно отправляется около 1 млрд сообщений, через Discord — более 2,2 млрд. При этом в Slack работает более 1000 человек, а в Discord — всего 108. У приложений различная модель монетизации. Slack vs Discord : Introductions. If there is no time to explain and you need to choose a tool right now, then this table with a brief comparison is for you: Slack is a platform where workers or teammates can meet, with respect to their jobs, which will foster the efficient carrying out of their jobs and assigned tasks. Having used Slack for a long time, it goes beyond the expectations of every user. As a virtual office, it is rapidly replacing the need for the traditional office space. Discord vs Slack integrations. When it comes to integrating with other apps, Slack is the clear winner. There are more than 800 apps that you can connect Slack to, which is quite a number. Since Slack is meant for work, it integrates with apps you might need at work. Slack gives you notifications from your work apps directly in its own app. On the other hand, Discord doesn’t connect with any work apps. You can, however, integrate Discord with your favorite games, as well as social media networks such as Facebook and Spotify.

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